Equip your engineers & technical personnel with customer skills that benefit the bottom line


The way your personnel present themselves to and service your customers is a direct reflection of your business. Giving your customer facing engineering and technical staff the skills to deal professionally with customers will enhance and maintain your well-earned reputation.

Wentworth Customer Skills Training modules have been developed to equip staff at all levels with a toolkit of 'everyday' business skills, including:



A 1 or 2 day course aimed at all levels of customer facing personnel that focuses on ensuring customers receive a consistent, efficient and professional quality of service at all points of contact with your business.

The programme will give clear guidelines on what is expected to maintain your company's Customer Service Standards, driving buy-in from personnel to act as frontline 'ambassadors' for the business.

Topics may include:

  • Vision & Values
  • What Our Customers Want
  • Communication Skills
  • How To Communicate With Customers
  • Handling Difficult Customers & Complaints
  • How To Work With Customers to Solve Their Problems

By the end of the sessions participants will not only know what is expected of them, they will also have a better understanding of customer needs and expectations.

"Really good interactive aspect to the course. This helped to make it one of the most enjoyable classroom courses I have attended"

Customer Care Course: Delegate Feedback


Business Writing Skills


Recognising the specific skill sets of engineers and technical personnel this training module is aimed at developing and improving writing skills across various customer contact scenarios via 3 half day sessions.

From professionally written email communications to reports, participants will learn how to write in an effective and persuasive manner that will leave customers in no doubt that they are receiving the highest levels of professional service.



Presenting is not a natural skill for everyone and can often vary according to personal style and interpretation of what is required. This 1 or 2 day course is focused on ensuring that customer facing engineers deliver powerful and compelling presentations that adhere to your corporate guidelines.

Ensuring consistency of brand message, identity and delivery expectations these sessions will enable participants to present in a confident and professional manner at all levels of customer seniority.

"I have completed a customer presentation to buyers and senior engineers since the course and felt much better prepared and relaxed. I posed questions and waited for answers, which is not something I would have done before"

Professional Presentation Skills: Delegate Feedback